A Hosted Framework for Rapid Application Development on MEAN Stack

  • Install MEAN Framework with one click
  • Build features faster with Intuitive UI and Code Generators
  • Have complete flexibility with Full Source Code Access

Bitsitegenie source code is Open-Source 

Steps to Install bizsitegenie on your box  

What can you build using the Bizsitegenie UI


Quickly add CRUD Modules. Define the field names and required forms for create, edit, delete are created. Data can be viewed in list or grid.

Create parent and child CRUD and manage the whole schema in a beautiful graphical view.

Define roles and set user access with simple button clicks.

Upload spreadsheets to instantly upload data and generate corresponding CRUD.

Create dashboards with graphs and content.

Support for photos and documents as data types using S3 and ImgIX for high performance.